“The past has no power over me” [exercise]

przeszłośćAccording to my view on life, the source of most problems in life must be sought in the fact that we feel, that we are not quite good and, the lack of us love for each other.
Let us, therefore,, where does this belief.
As it happens, that baby, that knows its excellence and perfection of life, with tradition into the person you are plagued with problems, in this way or another sense and avenge worthlessness unworthy of love? Even people already loving each other can do it even harder.

Think about the rose, When there is a small pąkiem. From the moment, When the petals rozchyla, up to settle the last of them is always perfect, always beautiful, always different. So it happens with us. We are always perfect, always beautiful and constantly changing. We use the best, how we can, reason, knowledge and my knowledge. As we become more aware of the, the more we understand and know-we act differently.

Psychic cleanup

It's time, to look a bit further our past: recognize the beliefs, that cause us. This part of the process of clearing some consider to be a very painful, There must, however, be. Before posprzątamy, We need to take a look at our is have.
If you want the exact room tidy, first looking around and you review. Favorite subjects will take more attention; need to be vacuumed, burnish, to restore the former glory. You Will Find A, that some cases will require complete, and some things to repair. It needs to be a note in the memory. Items, that you find useless, you spend to remove. Old newspapers, magazines, dirty paper plates can be safely discarded in the trash. You don't have to get mad doing cleanup in the apartment.

The same thing happens, When we are cleaning the House of our mind. There is no reason to get excited just because, that some of our beliefs are no longer needed. You must get rid of them with the same ease, which throws a leftover with a fork. Is there really a zaryzykowalibyście burial in yesterday's civilisation waste at painting, to prepare today's meal? Is it worth rummaging through old psychic garbage just to, to create tomorrow's experience?

If some thought or belief shall not be liable to you, stay away from him, change them!
There is no such right, that nakazywałoby a lifelong slavishly stick to this or other beliefs!
Look for examples of limiting beliefs and consider, where it took:

"I'm not good enough".
The father repeated several times the child, that is stupid.
My patient said, that wishes to success, to dad to be proud of him. At the same time, had a great sense of guilt, that caused the, that all his actions ended in a fiasco. Dad funded his interests, but all ended in bankruptcy. Son used it, would it play. Caused, that the father was paying without end. Of course, He was the one, that much to lose.

The lack of love for each other.
Attempting to gain his father's approval.
A woman really did not want to be the, as her father. Could not never agree and nothing ever like arguing. Always wanted to win his acceptance of the, However, he constantly criticized her. All her hurt. The father also suffered similar ailments. Uświadamiała not a, her anger was the cause of tension headaches, like his father does not uzmysławiał to the same source of their ailments.

"Life is dangerous".
Terrified father.
Another my patient she saw life as a dangerous and unpleasant. Was it hard to get a laugh, and if you've happened to her laugh, She was scared, that may have happened to her anything "bad". Wychowywano it, still napominając: "Do not laugh, because the devil never sleeps!”

"I'm not good enough".
Being abandoned and immersive applications.
A man speaking caused difficulty. The silence has become so a way of life. He had gone through drugs and alcohol, He was convinced, that is awful. I found out, that his mother died, When he was very young. Raised it aunt, that rarely get odzywała, unless it was necessary to issue the commands. He grew up in silence. He was always alone and stayed in his room for days. With his other half well most of the time spent in silence.

Negative transfers

The next exercise is to put together on a large sheet of paper statement of all charges made to you by your parents. What were the allegations? Do not hurry and remember as much as possible. Half an hour is usually sufficient, to do so.
What they said about money?
What they said about your body?
What they said about love and romantic relationships?
What they said about your creative abilities?
Their statements were restricting, staying is negative or?

As far as possible, look simply objectively on these things and tell myself: "I therefore take this belief". Now let's take a new sheet of paper and try to dig down to the deeper layers. What were other negative statements, that zasłyszałeś during childhood?
From relatives __________________________________?
From teachers _________________________________?
From friends __________________________________?
From people, that are right for you autorytetem______________?
In your Kościele________________________________?
Save them. Take your time with this. Be aware of sensations, what appear in your body.
It, what you have written on two pieces of paper, It is thought, that should be removed from your consciousness.
These are precisely those beliefs, that cause, you feel "not good enough".

Seeing himself as a child

If we put in the middle of the room for a three-year child and started to scream, invent it, that is stupid, that will never do anything can do well, that it should do so, and not otherwise, We told him to take a look at the, What made a mess, and at the same time still hit them several times, It would be perfect, that would put an end to all this or horror the child, that submitting himself to sit in the corner, or his aggression.
The child chooses one of these two behaviors, and we never know then its capabilities.

If the same child we will tell, that very love, that we're on top of it depends on the, that we love them so, what it is, We love his smile and wisdom, for his behavior, We don't have him for a bad errors, that commits in the course of the study and that no matter what we're going for it back-is found to be, that the possibility of, What kind of child will present, put us about vertigo.

In each one of us is such a child for three years, and the majority of your time we lose on scolding this child in you. And then I wonder, that puts us in the life.

If you have a friend, who always criticizes, do you want to continue to stay in his company? Perhaps in this way, you would be treated as a child, and it is sad. But after all, it was a long time ago and now the same with each other having a, It is even sadder.

You have a list of negative transfers, that you have heard in childhood. Compare them with your beliefs about, What's not okay. If these lists are not similar? Probably so.
Our life scenario is based on these early messages. We are all good young children and obediently accept it, What "they" will report to us as truth. It would be very easy to blame parents for everything and play the role of victims for the rest of our lives. But this would not be too pleasant and certainly would not change our burdensome situation.

Reproduction of our family

Pass on the fault of the other certainly does not help us to cope with our problem.
Assigning blame someone puts us in the position of passive victims. This understanding will enable us to look at this matter and to take the helm in your hands.
The past cannot be changed.
The future is shaped by our current thinking. The necessary thing for our sense of freedom is to realize, that  parents have done everything, What can, and so, as far as allowed them some research, awareness and knowledge.
If you blame others, This means, that we do not take responsibility for themselves.
People, who hurt us, they were just as terrified and afraid as we. Felt the same helplessness, What we feel. They taught us probably only, what they have been taught.

What do you know something about the childhood of your parents, especially before the 10th year of life? As far as possible, try to get them to this wypytać. If you find out something, will be easier for you to understand, why so, and not otherwise have followed.Understanding will bring you compassion for them.
If you do not know and can not figure out, try to imagine, how it could look like. What childhood has created such, and not another adult?
You need this knowledge for their own freedom. Do not become free, as long as they do not release from guilt. You cannot forgive yourself, until you can forgive them. If you require perfection from them, will this require perfection from yourself and you will force the whole miserable.

The choice of parents

I agree with the theory, We choose the parents. Lessons, What we collect from life, They seem to perfectly match the "weaknesses" of our parents.

I Believe, that we are not endless journey through eternity. We arrived on this planet, to convert a specific lessons needed for our spiritual development. Select gender, the color of the skin, country. Then poke around for parents, who fully "reflect" our modules.

Our stay on this planet is like going to school.
If you want to be a beautician, are you going to school preparing for this profession. If you want to be a mechanic, you learn in technical school. If you want to be a lawyer, studying law.
Parents, which you choose, they were the best "acquire" item, you decide to learn.
When we grow up, We have a tendency to pointing our parents their offenses, We are talking: "You did it to me".
However, I think, they chose their.

Listening to others

When we were little, our older brothers and sisters were for us wyrocznię. If you were unhappy., probably odbijali it to us physically or in words. They could for example say:
"As soon as all I say..." (blame new coach).
"You are still too small and you can't do that".
"You are a stupid, to play with us ".

Often a great influence they have on us also teachers. A teacher in fifth grade quite authoritatively stated, I'm too high, to be a dancer. Uwierzyłam it and I gave up my ambition of dance, until it became too late to start your career.

If you uświadamiałeś, that tests and move from class to class were needed just to, to show, how much has attained knowledge at that time, or you were a child, which received examinations and assessment as a measure of its value?
During childhood we shared among friends our false image of life. Other children in the school, to be able to tease us and leave lasting wounds in the heart. When I was a kid, my name sounded Lunney and children przezywały me, "La Sonnambula".
Neighbors also have their impact, not only because of the attempts made by these comments, but also because, that they asked us: "What the neighbors will think?”
Think about other important figures having influence on you as a child.
There are, of course, tight-sounding and very persuasive suggestions contained in press releases and notices on TV. Too many products sold after only, to convince us, We are bezwartościowi or we do wrong, If you do not use them.

We are all here, to exceed our old restrictions, any that they were. We are here, to recognize our greatness and divinity, regardless of, What we were told. You have to overcome your negative beliefs, So how can I overcome my.

Lunney Hay



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