The beginning of conscious cooperation with podświadomością [exercise]

podswiadomoscThe subconscious mind does not have the ability to think logically, the correct reason analysis, but
gather a variety of impressions and experiences, response system features, and it's hard to deny the logic of. In addition to this all, What we send, takes literally. Therefore does not have its own opinion on this, What's currently going on or the, What ever happened to. For the subconscious mind is always the most important is the impression. Because it is stored impressions and experiences very often based arguments our logic.

If you try to convince your subconscious mind using rational arguments, It can happen, that refuses to cooperate, obstając on your point of view. That is why it is important, you don't treat your subconscious mind as a slave and forced to cooperate with more and more other suggestions. Try to convince her to sense and benefit gained from interaction with the project.

Tell her your desires in the most clear and understandable, review the effects of the, What for you "both" will have a success case.
Your subconscious mind is particularly easy magic words: spoken, written or printed. If you want to see, that your wishes are particularly urgent, write it on a piece of affirmation, in which you describe how she has to look desirable by you the situation.

Work on the text, and when you find, that is sufficiently accurate and understandable, read it loud and clear. The subconscious mind will do this impression. Only, When completely and without reservation accepts your request, you will be able to succeed. Therefore, try to drag on your website, make her his friend.

Of course, if you want to, that the objective has been met, you need to be absolutely sure, This is your desire, you need to simply "burn" to his accomplishment on the physical plane. If you want only "a little", only "half a heart", None of this will be, the motivation is not enough. You crave with all your soul and with all the work for the purpose of. Any doubt on your part, fluctuations in, not sure your subconscious mind immediately register, and it will weaken its willingness to cooperate.

If you've earned in your subconscious a devoted helper, do not forget to give it praise or give a prize. The reward for your subconscious mind can be exceptionally good dinner, a purchase, going to the cinema. Your subconscious mind will remember this enthusiastic response, whether it is expressed in the spirit of, or on the actual.

Therefore not szczędź him the laudatory words, in the imagination you can even clear the Medal "for outstanding merit". Believe me, These small gestures will turn you out with a vengeance, because it will result in even better cooperation in the future. So if you have a reason to show gratitude, show her saying: "I thank you, you did it wonderfully! It was a great!”

Find your trigger signal
You probably know from experience, that the same steps, frequently repeated, After some time they become a habit, operation of the automatic. The same principle applies to your cooperation with the podświadomością.

If you are entering a State of relaxation and contact with podświadomością you will always use the same ritualistic behaviors, with the passage of time wytworzysz a reflex, that will speed up your entry on the creative level of mind and much faster to connect you with your inner helper. Your subconscious mind is very fond of all the rituals and easily gets used to them.

Therefore, when you are in a State of relaxation, best cover of always using the same method, You'll find the, that after a while you just gesture, and you reach the level of total relaxation.
You should not, Naturally, This gesture is the "signal" use (accidentally or inadvertently) with other daily activities, because in the course of your work you could suddenly feel their act to a desire to lie down to pomedytowania.

You understood exactly, about what signals or gestures mean, I present to you three "trigger mechanisms":
1. Repeat three times loudly two syllable ki-ai.
2. Fold together the thumb, the index finger and the Middle.
3. Hold the finger into the space between the eyes and focus, from three to one.
The sooner your subconscious will recognize and remember your signal or trigger mechanism, This will be easier for you to reach a State of complete relaxation. So, if you decided on a specified "trigger", stick to it and do not change, otherwise,
osłabiłbyś the effectiveness of its action.

Until nabrałeś practice in contact with his podświadomością, You should always contact prior to the State of deep relaxation, that other things are not reversed by chance because of your "secret friend".
But when the subconscious mind gets used to "your" signal, It will react immediately and make contact with it without any preliminaries, that is to say without getting into a State of relaxation.

Training 5: make contact with podświadomością
1. Using the preferred method of achieving the relax and go to the level of creative State of mind
2. Pay in kind words to your subconscious mind, Let her feel, He has a friend in you.
3. Ask, How do you have it call. Ask that you showed, how it looks.
(Everything communicates you to Subconsciousness is usually very subtle. Listen to yourself, in search of answers. Sometimes it may appear with a delay, Therefore, be attentive to what appears in your mind)
4. Thank for your cooperation and willingness to give of his desire to stay in touch.
5. Say goodbye to his quiet helper. Count slowly from one to ten and finish the session.

On the basis of the: "Creative power of thought" Kurt Tepperwein


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