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Meet your professional identity and test your predispositions [MBTI]
Matthew Bereziewicz | 16.02.2014
In this day and age, a lot of people don't like or even hated his work, because they chose her not because of what they have predispositions and talents, and therefore, what was for them an easier and faster solution. Every week we hear from our friends and family how much ... Read more
How to wisely manage its own destiny and take care of your future?
Krzysztof | 13.10.2013
Ever wonder how it would be once “have a life for yourself”? Most of us seem to, It's impossible for the average person, living and working in the traditional way, i.e. working medium 8 – 10 h. a day in a corporation or even a few hours a day ... Read more
“The thing about passion, but not the umpteenth time”
Ewelina Stachowiak | 28.04.2013
People with passion, that is what? We meet on the way different people, with different people came and we will still probably live. As a significant portion of them has real, life's passions? Such thoughts largely prompted me lyrics, to which I came across in recent times: ... Read more
Difficult life choices ...
Ewelina Stachowiak | 24.03.2013
Mahatma Gandhi, the famous Indian philosopher, He said once the, that "good and evil must exist side by side, a man must make the choice ". It's the age-old right, entered in the daily operation of every man, Since the dawn of time. Our whole life is a kind of attempt to move some way ... Read more
The hardest work is the best work [video]
Expert | 20.04.2012
Are you a film by P&(G), that says so much about the work I have. This is the hardest work and best in the world. With the rest of yourself we invite you to watch the following, two minute film: Ps. You want to ask a question or express your suggestion? Write at the bottom in a koment ... Read more
You know how to live to be fully happy man?
Expert | 07.07.2011
The man is happy at work, when flooding him in other areas of life – preach scientists. People unhappy with your life, rarely are the satisfaction at work. Scientists have analyzed 223 a study carried out in the 1967-2008, viewing the relationships between satisfaction with life ... Read more
If you achieve a complete balance between private life and professional?
Expert | 25.06.2011
The concept of Work-Life Balance is a real challenge for today's employees, where it's getting harder to separate   time spent in the company coming from the professional duties. When the excess work negatively affects family life, You may want to set a rigid boundaries between these two areas. I ... Read more
Do you know how to do what you love really?
Expert | 21.05.2011
To do something well you have to like. This is not a particularly visionary idea. It Zamknijmy four words: “Do what you love.” It is not enough just to say. Doing what you love is complicated.The idea is a stranger what she taught most of us back in childhood. Of The Cliff, ... Read more
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