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The beginning of conscious cooperation with podświadomością [exercise]
Expert | 07.09.2014
The subconscious mind does not have the ability to think logically, the correct reason analysis, but gather a variety of impressions and experiences, response system features, and it's hard to deny the logic of. In addition to this all, What we send, takes literally. Therefore does not have its own opinion on t ... Read more
THERE WAS A, THERE WILL BE-IS! [Live in the here and now]
Joanna Wachowiak | 06.04.2014
No matter what you've done, or what you do. The bottom line is, What are you doing NOW. And no matter where you are, But if you're there all over each other. Because it is the core of our lives-be 100% Here and now. Without the ongoing processing of the past and look into the future. Without analyzing what I was planning and ... Read more
“In search of harmony” – wellness
Alexander Kędzierska | 30.03.2014
Still very busy, stressed out, upset, just tired of life, and all around. In this way, we forget about our needs. The more important they become money, that we need to cash in on the experience. We do not have the time to relax, reflection and capture distance. Lost in the midst of the concrete to the Faculty ... Read more
Or the rudder of your own life
Krzysztof | 24.11.2013
If our life is already planned in advance and a foregone conclusion, do we have to impact on how to roll our fate? The answers to these questions there are so many, how much is in this world faiths, views, scientific theory and domniemywań. It's hard to find a rational answer to the existential questions. In Spite Of The ... Read more
Peace in the hustle and bustle of the world – If you are the one who wanted to be?
Wojciech Klęk | 10.11.2013
… the State of silence, peace of mind, concentration… Once I believed, It is very difficult to achieve. A man's life does not przebudzonego makes sure, that's what “We believe” It is true. In fact, our ,,non-observant” the mind is a product of society, We live in. Is ... Read more
How to wisely manage its own destiny and take care of your future?
Krzysztof | 13.10.2013
Ever wonder how it would be once “have a life for yourself”? Most of us seem to, It's impossible for the average person, living and working in the traditional way, i.e. working medium 8 – 10 h. a day in a corporation or even a few hours a day ... Read more
Miscellaneous calculates self-criticism
Ewelina Stachowiak | 06.10.2013
It is said or about the lack of criticism against its own people, or excessive samokrytyce, the increasing use of destructive thoughts and common guilt. There could be some people, trying to break free from the excessive self-criticism, in order to increase self esteem, or attempting to some way ... Read more
Life is like a restaurant – check your beliefs
Renata Buczek | 18.08.2013
“Our life is the, What made them our thoughts” -  Marcus Aurelius Once somewhere I read it and i liked it. Just how it works? Whether it's, alive means, that I'm in this restaurant, and as I am in it, can I place an order that only me zam ... Read more
Pitfalls Of Personal Development – Part 1
Łukasz Zapała | 04.08.2013
  PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT   =   good luck to this simple distortion often occurs at the beginning of the – When faced with the development of several. This is because in a moment turns out to be, that, in a simple way, we can change the issues important to us – relationships with loved ones, poor eating habits, il ... Read more
The law of attraction – why we think, that it does not work?
Renata Buczek | 14.07.2013
The law of attraction, is there anyone who has not heard about it? And who really believes in it? Each of us is a magnet – scientifically proven. Oddziałujemy not only with the globe, but with every material and spirit being. We are energy, It is now scientifically proven. All ... Read more
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