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Live the way you want to live – FORMULA 8: Robert Noworolski [video]
Expert | 20.07.2014
You're standing in place, don't like your work, do not implement your dreams or simply would like to make a difference, to live better and still something is wrong if you wanted / She wanted to? Invest 20 minutes of your time, to find out what the problem is, to straighten out your life, to pick up j ... Read more
Paul McKenna – Change your life [programming the subconscious]
Maciej Urmański | 08.06.2014
Paul McKenna is a famous therapist, NLP trainer, the author of the bestselling guides. Applying therapeutic hypnosis, changed the lives of many people, helped them quit smoking, lose weight and gain confidence. McKenna is the ability to heal long-running phobia and deep zakorz ... Read more
Never give up! [video]
Alexander Kędzierska | 04.05.2014
On the basis of the film fragment “Face Your Giants” (name “Divine Intervention”) You can deduce the important thing. Well, the only limitation we are ourselves, our minds, our inner critic, she plans and dreams. It is ourselves we are for ourselves the greatest obstacles! ... Read more
KAIZEN Philosophy – enter into the life of continuous progress and change for the better
Alexander Kędzierska | 13.04.2014
Kaizen   is   the philosophy of small steps, derived from the country of cherry blossoms(from the Japanese language“kai” - change, “zen” -  good). In the literal translation means constant change for the better, improvement and advancement.  Once used mainly in business and management, today ... Read more
The 11TH Edition of the Festival, the largest Business in Poland! [video]
Expert | 03.04.2014
You are enterprising? You have a business idea? Looking for valuable training, which will give you a solid boost of motivation and preparation of substantive to be very Responsible in Self-reliance? Festival BOSS this event just for you! Festival BOSS – The Development Of, Career, Success – to ... Read more
How to overcome obstacles and to deal with the problems?
Alexander Kędzierska | 16.03.2014
How to overcome obstacles and to deal with the problems? Each day a lesson. Here does not come into play truant, do excuse written by parents. We are immediately on the pot deep water. We have to deal with adversity and problems, which meet all of us without exception. Always ... Read more
Plan your new year 2014 – EFFECTIVELY!
Marcin Tereszkiewicz | 29.12.2013
When I write these words shivers pass me on the back. Do Not, It is not me cold. I realized exactly, What I would like you took with him after reading this text. Always before the new year gives some tips on. This year there is no exception. It's not because, that I need to. Just I like it Personally ... Read more
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!
Expert | 22.12.2013
To celebrate the upcoming Christmas and coming new year 2013 We wish you with all my heart, to be a Christmas full of peace, family and mental health, that will enrich Your personality and add energy to do good in this world!    Thank you for this, ... Read more
Success and motivation with Arnold Schwarzenegger [video]
Expert | 15.12.2013
We present you a video, that shows the success story of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Despite many adversity, not surrendered and showed others how to achieve your dream destination, How to fulfill your dreams… Plan your life, as you desire. Live so as you've always wanted. Take the example of ... Read more
Or the rudder of your own life
Krzysztof | 24.11.2013
If our life is already planned in advance and a foregone conclusion, do we have to impact on how to roll our fate? The answers to these questions there are so many, how much is in this world faiths, views, scientific theory and domniemywań. It's hard to find a rational answer to the existential questions. In Spite Of The ... Read more
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