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11th-do not judge!
Joanna Wachowiak | 23.03.2014
Evaluate and compare the man seems to be something as natural as eating and drinking. It's our tendency, almost a habit, in which we get immediately after birth. And like other addictions, makes us from each other and. But often we do not realize this. Are with us from the very acceptance ... Read more
Go ahead and commit errors
Sorek Dominica Ewa | 29.09.2013
For twenty years, bar the most you'll regret this, it, Hi, it does not understand the biłeś, than those of it, What's more, biłeś. So from the bind li, ny, leave without the pie, "supplies to some crazy. Catch in the żag le the fault light, ry. Travel,dream, from the ice floes, waj. Mark Twain Probably very surprised You the title of the article. (G) ... Read more
What about positive thinking?
Sorek Dominica Ewa | 01.09.2013
The cheese of suffering is both ce wia [...] The know him, that the fear of suffering is the screen straszniej the longer than you, are suffering. And that żad of ne of cheese not cier-piało nig-dy, When reached after the swo of them dreams… Paulo Coelho Welcome! Today I wanted to tell you about my reflections surrounding gap on pozyty ... Read more
About love never too much
Renata Buczek | 26.05.2013
Is it possible to love another man not loving each other? How do you forgive someone, since we can not forgive myself for only explanation? How can you not hurt someone when krzywdzimy themselves? After all, we are the closest for yourself, so why is it so hard to love yourself? Pr ... Read more
The language of love [video]
Expert | 19.03.2012
“The world has many colors – It is worth it to detect, life is beautiful – just need to know how to do properly look… life is not the only problems…” Bart B. These are the words our reader, who sent us the idea for another movie, that will help others find in this ... Read more
If you care about your state of relaxation, respectively?
Expert | 31.05.2011
Today with so high-temperature air, We suggest You think about the moment of relaxation… Below are the best quality you can turn something cool + full screen + good headphones   For this we offer three peaceful and relaxing songs, that will bring our life har ... Read more
Did you know, what prevents you from realization of dreams?
Expert | 16.05.2011
Did you know, what prevents you from realization of dreams? Each of us has a free choice, start to shape their lives according to the existing rights or allow the fate, to reign over us, and thus missed the chance. Many people fully aware of all this matter, but postpone addressing si ... Read more
You know the pyramid of needs and. Maslow? Whether you use it in practice?
Expert | 13.05.2011
One of the most famous concept of motivation is a hierarchy of needs, developed by the American psychologist Abraham Maslow. In accordance with her, human needs can be divided into five types of: physiological, safety, group membership, recognition and self-realization. ... Read more
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