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Keep cool with the past, not fetched you a present [op-ed]
Expert | 12.10.2014
If there are you such days, When everything is in order, and then all of a sudden breaks? Although on the outside, nothing has changed, in the Middle we feel totally different. Has become something, You can not call and suddenly zapadamy deep in yourself. It's hard to say, what upset us out of balance. (J) ... Read more
Fear has big eyes [of the series of talks]
Renata Buczek | 01.06.2014
FEAR HAS BIG EYES AND LIVE IN YOUR HEAD. Exactly what is this fear, It is so widespread and so to a lacrymatory, and do not even know where does, where is the source? - Fear is nothing but lack of love, and something which is lack of may not exist, It's an illusion, figment of imagination. Like moths ... Read more
How to get your inner balance and peace of mind?
Krzysztof | 25.08.2013
Probably not once wondered how to escape while on a little from the everyday problems and get a mental balance, experience a true mute. So wonder over those few days at the monastery? This is the perfect escape from everyday life, tormenting us problems, You can ... Read more
Anger is not bad
Sorek Dominica Ewa | 28.07.2013
Anger is not bad. Is human. And after some time passes. Sarah Dessen what you associate when you think about the word anger? The Cries Of The? Rantings? Brawl? Consider aspects of this, what may lie beneath the interplay. Ever wondered/pay sometime over what is ANGER, RAGE (C) ... Read more
Sorek Dominica Ewa | 23.06.2013
"The wisdom of certain limited to limit the wiser"-Wladyslaw   Grzeszczyk So, Since today is just from today – fuck the limits – and not from tomorrow and Monday (to mentally this can prepare). So simply and forever. Who me this prohibits? In the nose I have ... Read more
Expert | 13.07.2011
Carefully review the nature of the, Surely you'll notice, that leaves no room for confusion. the cases and she   absolutely everything happens according to plan perfect, that the human mind, however, is not always able to embrace. Your life is also not by chance, only an implementation of the ... Read more
You know how to live to be fully happy man?
Expert | 07.07.2011
The man is happy at work, when flooding him in other areas of life – preach scientists. People unhappy with your life, rarely are the satisfaction at work. Scientists have analyzed 223 a study carried out in the 1967-2008, viewing the relationships between satisfaction with life ... Read more
If you care about your state of relaxation, respectively?
Expert | 31.05.2011
Today with so high-temperature air, We suggest You think about the moment of relaxation… Below are the best quality you can turn something cool + full screen + good headphones   For this we offer three peaceful and relaxing songs, that will bring our life har ... Read more
Do you know what depends on Your true happiness? [video]
Expert | 30.05.2011
“We just were healthy, and the rest will come by itself” – It is one of the more popular wishes of new year's resolutions and not only. Often we also fulfill dreams, prosperity, money and everything good. As far as the fulfilment of these requirements in the next year will provide us with a sense of happiness? ... Read more
Constant complaining and zamartwianie… do you think, that's something that you change?
Expert | 29.05.2011
He says often that, that the Poles are a nation, who loves to complain about. Professor. Bogdan Wojciszke even devoted quite a lot of time to research this issue and came to the conclusion, that we are dealing with the so-called. the culture of complaining. In a nutshell-gripes is a tool for the identification of, If someone is complaining, ... Read more
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