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How to get your inner balance and peace of mind?
Krzysztof | 25.08.2013
Probably not once wondered how to escape while on a little from the everyday problems and get a mental balance, experience a true mute. So wonder over those few days at the monastery? This is the perfect escape from everyday life, tormenting us problems, You can ... Read more
Anger is not bad
Sorek Dominica Ewa | 28.07.2013
Anger is not bad. Is human. And after some time passes. Sarah Dessen what you associate when you think about the word anger? The Cries Of The? Rantings? Brawl? Consider aspects of this, what may lie beneath the interplay. Ever wondered/pay sometime over what is ANGER, RAGE (C) ... Read more
Sorek Dominica Ewa | 23.06.2013
"The wisdom of certain limited to limit the wiser"-Wladyslaw   Grzeszczyk So, Since today is just from today – fuck the limits – and not from tomorrow and Monday (to mentally this can prepare). So simply and forever. Who me this prohibits? In the nose I have ... Read more
Cycle of a series: “You want to change your reality? Change your thinking” Part 4/4
Expert | 20.06.2011
All diseases have their origin in the niewybaczeniu. Whenever we are sick, poszukajmy in our hearts, whom we forgive. A course in miracles says: "All diseases have their origin in the niewybaczeniu" and: "Whenever we are sick, We need to look around and zejrzeć ro person, Which one ... Read more
Whether you yourself correctly deal with your stress?
Expert | 26.05.2011
Do you know what is stress? Stress is ,,operation of "our body then, When we adjust to constantly changing environment; It has physical and emotional effects on us. It can also arouse in us the positive, or negative feelings. The positive effects of stress can force us to act ... Read more
Do you think it's worth arguing?
Expert | 22.05.2011
Shortly after the end of World War I one night in London learned inestimable things. One evening I was at a banquet given in honor of sir Ross Smith. Man sitting at dinner next to me told me a funny story, that was based on a quotation. Caller wspomn ... Read more
Quantum physics and the process of implementation of the dreams-part II
Expert | 18.05.2011
CONSCIOUS of CREATING most of the currents involved in human development agrees with the claim, that we have influence on your reality, especially by the attitude. Positive attitude produces positive results, and negative attitudes towards   negative results. Positive thinking is based n ... Read more
Did you know, what prevents you from realization of dreams?
Expert | 16.05.2011
Did you know, what prevents you from realization of dreams? Each of us has a free choice, start to shape their lives according to the existing rights or allow the fate, to reign over us, and thus missed the chance. Many people fully aware of all this matter, but postpone addressing si ... Read more
The law of attraction… do you know what is really?
Expert | 15.05.2011
The law of attraction we could define as: "I'm pulling away to yourself all this, so I'm devoting my attention, energy, and so it turns out my interest in, No matter what, whether they are positive or negative things, "but what does it really mean? ... Read more
You know the pyramid of needs and. Maslow? Whether you use it in practice?
Expert | 13.05.2011
One of the most famous concept of motivation is a hierarchy of needs, developed by the American psychologist Abraham Maslow. In accordance with her, human needs can be divided into five types of: physiological, safety, group membership, recognition and self-realization. ... Read more
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