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“The past has no power over me” [exercise]
Expert | 24.08.2014
According to my view on life, the source of most problems in life must be sought in the fact that we feel, that we are not quite good and, the lack of us love for each other. Let us, therefore,, where does this belief. As it happens, that baby, that knows its excellence and ... Read more
Criminal thoughts
Joanna Bass Musician-Gatlik | 18.05.2014
About dealing with problems it is written very much. Shelves in bookstores are groaning with a subsequent position, dealing with this, How to fight stress and how to effectively manage difficult situations. The Internet also keeps the momentum of current trends (or maybe even the same it shall designate?). Some jes ... Read more
What does not count, While You apply – social perception [video]
Joanna Bass Musician-Gatlik | 27.04.2014
As you can see as you get, that is social perception in a nutshell. Try to think for a moment about any person, you know, is it better to, or worse – There is that moment really matter. It, What counts, It's the answer to the question – What could you say about it? Who is? M ... Read more
THERE WAS A, THERE WILL BE-IS! [Live in the here and now]
Joanna Wachowiak | 06.04.2014
No matter what you've done, or what you do. The bottom line is, What are you doing NOW. And no matter where you are, But if you're there all over each other. Because it is the core of our lives-be 100% Here and now. Without the ongoing processing of the past and look into the future. Without analyzing what I was planning and ... Read more
11th-do not judge!
Joanna Wachowiak | 23.03.2014
Evaluate and compare the man seems to be something as natural as eating and drinking. It's our tendency, almost a habit, in which we get immediately after birth. And like other addictions, makes us from each other and. But often we do not realize this. Are with us from the very acceptance ... Read more
How to overcome obstacles and to deal with the problems?
Alexander Kędzierska | 16.03.2014
How to overcome obstacles and to deal with the problems? Each day a lesson. Here does not come into play truant, do excuse written by parents. We are immediately on the pot deep water. We have to deal with adversity and problems, which meet all of us without exception. Always ... Read more
Words, that mean – meet their strength
Joanna Wachowiak | 09.03.2014
We use the words automatically, not realizing that they carry with them the power of, How to affect our subconscious mind and this is what happens to us and around us. At the time of school ganiono us for overuse of the word "cool", because this term does not mean anything. Teraz jest gorzej i niestety cz ... Read more
…keep an insatiable, stay careless…
Wojciech Klęk | 01.12.2013
... civilization. What exactly is located under this heading? Who is civilized and who is not? Over the centuries, European countries were "the flame of civilization" "a barbarian". Who is "the barbarian"? "The barbarian" is a person not familiar with the "principles of civilization". Who sets the rules? The, who is stronger ... Read more
Peace in the hustle and bustle of the world – If you are the one who wanted to be?
Wojciech Klęk | 10.11.2013
… the State of silence, peace of mind, concentration… Once I believed, It is very difficult to achieve. A man's life does not przebudzonego makes sure, that's what “We believe” It is true. In fact, our ,,non-observant” the mind is a product of society, We live in. Is ... Read more
The transformation of the man in your life – Nick Vujicic [video]
Expert | 27.10.2013
We publish today a video, that will change Your perception of reality… That will show you the transformation of man and his thinking… This is a short film about the life of a man with no arms and no legs. In the main role there is Nick Vujicic. This will surely your best 20 minutes in ... Read more
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