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Paul McKenna – Change your life [programming the subconscious]
Maciej Urmański | 08.06.2014
Paul McKenna is a famous therapist, NLP trainer, the author of the bestselling guides. Applying therapeutic hypnosis, changed the lives of many people, helped them quit smoking, lose weight and gain confidence. McKenna is the ability to heal long-running phobia and deep zakorz ... Read more
Easter time major change! [video]
Expert | 20.04.2014
Easter is a time of great change, change for the better… On this occasion we have unusual requirements. WE WISH YOU ABOVE ALL INSPIRATION! -We grow together / evolve as the nature every spring   on the occasion of Easter – We changed our logo and some elements ... Read more
You can help your neighbor? You use the law of karma in your life? [video]
Expert | 23.02.2014
What you would do if you saw 11 year old child frozen ice connects at the bus stop? See the social experiment, that was carried out in Oslo – Norway. How do you like the attitude of these people? You use the law of karma in your life? Do You Remember, It's what you give also you get with zwielok ... Read more
You know the fruits of true love? [video]
Expert | 09.02.2014
See how true love can create something beautiful. Enjoy a wonderful story of a pair of two people, flowers and tiny things, that make, life with the other person becomes so awesome. Not only in Valentine's day, but also every day of the year. You are with someone in connection? Appreciate the sw ... Read more
Expert | 26.01.2014
You still fear of failure, stress and excess duties? Do You Think, that you are in a situation of no return? Stop for a moment in your life – focus for a moment on your happiness. To feelings of true happiness and joy does not need… Feel the real joy, feel the, ... Read more
Meet the atlas of the human body – Check out where you feel your emotions
Matthew Bereziewicz | 19.01.2014
Happiness makes use of the full potential of your body, While anger focuses exclusively in your head.   a lot of people feel emotions in specific parts of your body – usually stress occurs in the neck, anxiety in my stomach, However, good luck in the chest. As can be seen in the sales reps ... Read more
Expert | 17.11.2013
You are restricted from all sides? Do You Think, that you are in a situation of no return? Consider this who you are and what people like otaczasz… Are you from this happy enough? Feel the true freedom, feel the, that you take life in your own hands, you are the architect of your living ... Read more
How much you have to lose something to appreciate? [video]
Expert | 03.11.2013
We present you a video, that shows a picture of the family, who is struggling with a very common problem. See how easy it is to forget about love, how easy it is to forget about what we had before. Consider how much you need to lose, to appreciate what you have now? Welcome to watch 3 minute film, who died ... Read more
Love like a drug – or check the type of your love
Renata Buczek | 15.09.2013
"The love we know little. Love is like a PEAR. PEAR is sweet and has the shape of a. Try to define the shape of a PEAR. "  Andrzej Sapkowski and all is love? The eternal desire of humanity – It is certainly. Only if for each is the same. If each of us p ... Read more
What about positive thinking?
Sorek Dominica Ewa | 01.09.2013
The cheese of suffering is both ce wia [...] The know him, that the fear of suffering is the screen straszniej the longer than you, are suffering. And that żad of ne of cheese not cier-piało nig-dy, When reached after the swo of them dreams… Paulo Coelho Welcome! Today I wanted to tell you about my reflections surrounding gap on pozyty ... Read more
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