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BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – start a real transformation! [video]
Expert | 22.06.2014
Each day, our lives exposed us on countless trials. Only from our attitude depends on whether it is going then the disaster if we will succeed. The strength of the true motivation and confidence gives us a powerful advantage in the decision making and the interpretation of our environment. Believe in your ... Read more
Fear has big eyes [of the series of talks]
Renata Buczek | 01.06.2014
FEAR HAS BIG EYES AND LIVE IN YOUR HEAD. Exactly what is this fear, It is so widespread and so to a lacrymatory, and do not even know where does, where is the source? - Fear is nothing but lack of love, and something which is lack of may not exist, It's an illusion, figment of imagination. Like moths ... Read more
Do you like service? Would you like to help others? [new recruitment]
Expert | 02.03.2014
Do you like service? You Would Like To / What would you like to be a part of it? There You know, experience or passion, that can help others? or maybe you just like to help others? If Your once the answer was YES – Welcome to us! Today we start a new r ... Read more
Meet the atlas of the human body – Check out where you feel your emotions
Matthew Bereziewicz | 19.01.2014
Happiness makes use of the full potential of your body, While anger focuses exclusively in your head.   a lot of people feel emotions in specific parts of your body – usually stress occurs in the neck, anxiety in my stomach, However, good luck in the chest. As can be seen in the sales reps ... Read more
Unleash your creativity and potential! – Brian Tracy [audio]
Expert | 12.01.2014
The average person uses fewer than 10 percentage of your potential. You have the ability to achieve each goal. Everyone deals with solving problems. Problems are solved on each post and at every level in the Organization – the better you deal with solving problems, you ... Read more
Or the rudder of your own life
Krzysztof | 24.11.2013
If our life is already planned in advance and a foregone conclusion, do we have to impact on how to roll our fate? The answers to these questions there are so many, how much is in this world faiths, views, scientific theory and domniemywań. It's hard to find a rational answer to the existential questions. In Spite Of The ... Read more
“The thing about passion, but not the umpteenth time”
Ewelina Stachowiak | 28.04.2013
People with passion, that is what? We meet on the way different people, with different people came and we will still probably live. As a significant portion of them has real, life's passions? Such thoughts largely prompted me lyrics, to which I came across in recent times: ... Read more
Difficult life choices ...
Ewelina Stachowiak | 24.03.2013
Mahatma Gandhi, the famous Indian philosopher, He said once the, that "good and evil must exist side by side, a man must make the choice ". It's the age-old right, entered in the daily operation of every man, Since the dawn of time. Our whole life is a kind of attempt to move some way ... Read more
If you believe in yourself? In your potential?
Expert | 09.06.2011
Gain confidence in yourself takes time and many experiences. Faith in yourself you need to rebuild or build up gradually. We are too much different naszpikowani the negative ideas about our helplessness, to change this as the magic wand. Too long at about ... Read more
Subscribe to our newsletter – We ship directly from the files soon USA
Expert | 07.06.2011
We invite you to take part in our new newsletter, which you will find on the right hand side of our site. Soon You roześlemy files for free, which are on the international market quite expensive. They also have a very large value of the material and intangible, Therefore, the more welcome ... Read more
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