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Criminal thoughts
Joanna Bass Musician-Gatlik | 18.05.2014
About dealing with problems it is written very much. Shelves in bookstores are groaning with a subsequent position, dealing with this, How to fight stress and how to effectively manage difficult situations. The Internet also keeps the momentum of current trends (or maybe even the same it shall designate?). Some jes ... Read more
Miscellaneous calculates self-criticism
Ewelina Stachowiak | 06.10.2013
It is said or about the lack of criticism against its own people, or excessive samokrytyce, the increasing use of destructive thoughts and common guilt. There could be some people, trying to break free from the excessive self-criticism, in order to increase self esteem, or attempting to some way ... Read more
Professional brainstorming with delayed strict
Bartłomiej Piotrowski | 19.05.2013
Brainstorming is needed both sales team as well as an interactive agency or any group of people standing in front of a challenge or problem. Often forgets about the purpose of what we envision the brainstorming, that is collected in the shortest possible time as many ideas. Rozpoczyn ... Read more
“The thing about passion, but not the umpteenth time”
Ewelina Stachowiak | 28.04.2013
People with passion, that is what? We meet on the way different people, with different people came and we will still probably live. As a significant portion of them has real, life's passions? Such thoughts largely prompted me lyrics, to which I came across in recent times: ... Read more
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!
Expert | 23.12.2012
Long ago we wrote nothing because of the conversion service . We hope, you remember about us yet This entry reactivates our business on the internet, and we believe, that will spur you to action and change for the better… Service is almost completed – We are still working on minor detalam ... Read more
A smile works wonders – Show! [video]
Expert | 25.05.2012
A smile works wonders! Today we released a video for you, which fills the heart of every human being sincere joy and happiness… Sit comfortably in a chair and consecrate 16 minutes so positive video thank you, that you are with us… Together we can do more! We wish you a pleasant viewing ... Read more
Expert | 12.02.2012
Charlie Veitch is an activist living in London. He created the movement The Love Police, in the framework of which together with friends, using sophisticated sarcasm, provide alternative information to passers-by a stimulant to independent thinking – action “Everything is OK” (Everything is in order ... Read more
Join the LifeMentor team Consulting Group!
Expert | 28.07.2011
Internet service   LifeMentor. pl   cordially invites you to the cooperation of all, who in the framework of the zooming experience and reputation of the production  , the name and prestige of  , or just the non profit hobby would initially create our service. Welcome students, Alumni, employees ... Read more
We invite you all to actively vote in new poll :)
Expert | 23.06.2011
We invite all our readers to participate in our new survey, that this time checks Your interest in the subject articles. We want to you as the most fit, Therefore, please select up to 5 option from the 11 possible. The more people vote the better ... Read more
Cycle of a series: “You want to change your reality? Change your thinking” Part 3/4
Expert | 17.06.2011
The only thing, with which we have always to do-is thought-this and can be changed. Does not matter, What is your problem: our experience of the call are external internal effect thoughts. Even the original wiść to each other is nienawidzeniu their thoughts about yourself. Do You Think:  ' Jes ... Read more
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