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What does not count, While You apply – social perception [video]
Joanna Bass Musician-Gatlik | 27.04.2014
As you can see as you get, that is social perception in a nutshell. Try to think for a moment about any person, you know, is it better to, or worse – There is that moment really matter. It, What counts, It's the answer to the question – What could you say about it? Who is? M ... Read more
“The thing about passion, but not the umpteenth time”
Ewelina Stachowiak | 28.04.2013
People with passion, that is what? We meet on the way different people, with different people came and we will still probably live. As a significant portion of them has real, life's passions? Such thoughts largely prompted me lyrics, to which I came across in recent times: ... Read more
Difficult life choices ...
Ewelina Stachowiak | 24.03.2013
Mahatma Gandhi, the famous Indian philosopher, He said once the, that "good and evil must exist side by side, a man must make the choice ". It's the age-old right, entered in the daily operation of every man, Since the dawn of time. Our whole life is a kind of attempt to move some way ... Read more
New Year's provisions… to work!
B-ska | 06.01.2013
Are you prepared, as every year the list of New Year's resolutions? You know that the days that await you in 2013 year, can provide not only the good stuff – at a new life, new opportunities, ambitious challenges? What are you waiting, Use the timeline diagram, and the law of attraction, to create a list, ... Read more
If you believe in yourself? In your potential?
Expert | 09.06.2011
Gain confidence in yourself takes time and many experiences. Faith in yourself you need to rebuild or build up gradually. We are too much different naszpikowani the negative ideas about our helplessness, to change this as the magic wand. Too long at about ... Read more
Subscribe to our newsletter – We ship directly from the files soon USA
Expert | 07.06.2011
We invite you to take part in our new newsletter, which you will find on the right hand side of our site. Soon You roześlemy files for free, which are on the international market quite expensive. They also have a very large value of the material and intangible, Therefore, the more welcome ... Read more
Do you know the best key to wealth?
Expert | 01.06.2011
Why you are struggling with financial problems or lack the money to meet any wishes you?  because there who escaped to find your subconscious, that always live in prosperity. You know for sure the people, who work a few hours a week, and earn enormous sums of, and this without too much trouble. Do Not ... Read more
Did you know, what prevents you from realization of dreams?
Expert | 16.05.2011
Did you know, what prevents you from realization of dreams? Each of us has a free choice, start to shape their lives according to the existing rights or allow the fate, to reign over us, and thus missed the chance. Many people fully aware of all this matter, but postpone addressing si ... Read more
The law of attraction… do you know what is really?
Expert | 15.05.2011
The law of attraction we could define as: "I'm pulling away to yourself all this, so I'm devoting my attention, energy, and so it turns out my interest in, No matter what, whether they are positive or negative things, "but what does it really mean? ... Read more
You know the pyramid of needs and. Maslow? Whether you use it in practice?
Expert | 13.05.2011
One of the most famous concept of motivation is a hierarchy of needs, developed by the American psychologist Abraham Maslow. In accordance with her, human needs can be divided into five types of: physiological, safety, group membership, recognition and self-realization. ... Read more
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