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Each day or better from each other of yesterday…
Sławomir Lack | 13.07.2014
Tabula rasa, from the Latin:. means "any existing Whiteboard". This concept in philosophy and the psyche of opines, that all knowledge comes from experience. Today it was erroneously credited with the first use of this phrase John Locke. Philosopher claimed, that the mind is sort of an empty tank, about ... Read more
Criminal thoughts
Joanna Bass Musician-Gatlik | 18.05.2014
About dealing with problems it is written very much. Shelves in bookstores are groaning with a subsequent position, dealing with this, How to fight stress and how to effectively manage difficult situations. The Internet also keeps the momentum of current trends (or maybe even the same it shall designate?). Some jes ... Read more
“In search of harmony” – wellness
Alexander Kędzierska | 30.03.2014
Still very busy, stressed out, upset, just tired of life, and all around. In this way, we forget about our needs. The more important they become money, that we need to cash in on the experience. We do not have the time to relax, reflection and capture distance. Lost in the midst of the concrete to the Faculty ... Read more
Go ahead and commit errors
Sorek Dominica Ewa | 29.09.2013
For twenty years, bar the most you'll regret this, it, Hi, it does not understand the biłeś, than those of it, What's more, biłeś. So from the bind li, ny, leave without the pie, "supplies to some crazy. Catch in the żag le the fault light, ry. Travel,dream, from the ice floes, waj. Mark Twain Probably very surprised You the title of the article. (G) ... Read more
How to get your inner balance and peace of mind?
Krzysztof | 25.08.2013
Probably not once wondered how to escape while on a little from the everyday problems and get a mental balance, experience a true mute. So wonder over those few days at the monastery? This is the perfect escape from everyday life, tormenting us problems, You can ... Read more
Why is it important to live in the style of WELLNESS?
Krzysztof | 11.08.2013
What is WELLNESS? To put it in a nutshell, WELLNESS is nothing but a certain lifestyle to achieve harmony of the body, the spirit and the mind. What's going on? Probably each of us depends on the well-being, and well-being is determined State of mind within the meaning of psychological ... Read more
Anger is not bad
Sorek Dominica Ewa | 28.07.2013
Anger is not bad. Is human. And after some time passes. Sarah Dessen what you associate when you think about the word anger? The Cries Of The? Rantings? Brawl? Consider aspects of this, what may lie beneath the interplay. Ever wondered/pay sometime over what is ANGER, RAGE (C) ... Read more
Forgive yourself, feel the freedom!
Renata Buczek | 07.04.2013
The betrayal of my life is one great band of betrayals. I'll tell itself already since the early years of youth. I cheated on your passions and a taste when he was convinced by teachers and parents I chose the school of the future ", and not the one you felt, that was intended. Disappointed herself giving course ... Read more
Expert | 13.07.2011
Carefully review the nature of the, Surely you'll notice, that leaves no room for confusion. the cases and she   absolutely everything happens according to plan perfect, that the human mind, however, is not always able to embrace. Your life is also not by chance, only an implementation of the ... Read more
Cycle of a series: “You want to change your reality? Change your thinking” Part 4/4
Expert | 20.06.2011
All diseases have their origin in the niewybaczeniu. Whenever we are sick, poszukajmy in our hearts, whom we forgive. A course in miracles says: "All diseases have their origin in the niewybaczeniu" and: "Whenever we are sick, We need to look around and zejrzeć ro person, Which one ... Read more
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