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Never give up! [video]
Alexander Kędzierska | 04.05.2014
On the basis of the film fragment “Face Your Giants” (name “Divine Intervention”) You can deduce the important thing. Well, the only limitation we are ourselves, our minds, our inner critic, she plans and dreams. It is ourselves we are for ourselves the greatest obstacles! ... Read more
How to overcome obstacles and to deal with the problems?
Alexander Kędzierska | 16.03.2014
How to overcome obstacles and to deal with the problems? Each day a lesson. Here does not come into play truant, do excuse written by parents. We are immediately on the pot deep water. We have to deal with adversity and problems, which meet all of us without exception. Always ... Read more
Or the rudder of your own life
Krzysztof | 24.11.2013
If our life is already planned in advance and a foregone conclusion, do we have to impact on how to roll our fate? The answers to these questions there are so many, how much is in this world faiths, views, scientific theory and domniemywań. It's hard to find a rational answer to the existential questions. In Spite Of The ... Read more
Go ahead and commit errors
Sorek Dominica Ewa | 29.09.2013
For twenty years, bar the most you'll regret this, it, Hi, it does not understand the biłeś, than those of it, What's more, biłeś. So from the bind li, ny, leave without the pie, "supplies to some crazy. Catch in the żag le the fault light, ry. Travel,dream, from the ice floes, waj. Mark Twain Probably very surprised You the title of the article. (G) ... Read more
Even in the Green grams…
Constance Chojnacka | 21.07.2013
The track "still in green grams" by Czubak is the last for me, a huge source of inspiration and such a healthy optimism. I'd like to also for you that was. The man has a penchant for falling into the extremes but no extremes are not good for him, We therefore look for ... Read more
The law of attraction – why we think, that it does not work?
Renata Buczek | 14.07.2013
The law of attraction, is there anyone who has not heard about it? And who really believes in it? Each of us is a magnet – scientifically proven. Oddziałujemy not only with the globe, but with every material and spirit being. We are energy, It is now scientifically proven. All ... Read more
Sorek Dominica Ewa | 16.06.2013
“Life is simple. Everything happens for you, do not You. Everything happens in a perfectly good point, neither too early nor too late. Does not need this please… so much, that is easier to, If you will.” - Byron Katie wondered maybe someday what would happen if You here ... Read more
The Awakening
Renata Buczek | 21.04.2013
“To become a better, you don't have to wait for a better world” Phil Bosmans   I wake up to life slowly, with the effort of trying to disabuse. Still missing me faith, that is a real life will be better than sleep. Sleep, which śniłam almost a quarter of a century, sleep in which the nightmares have overlapped over a ... Read more
"I know, what you feel "-that is, a few words about empatycznej ability to be born ...
Ewelina Stachowiak | 10.03.2013
What is empathy? Empathy is the ability to empathize, the awareness of both the mental States of others, as well as the ability to read their way of thinking. In the first case, we are talking about emotional empathy, in the latter, in turn, we are dealing with a cognitive empathy. I am empathetic, poniewa ... Read more
New Year's provisions… to work!
B-ska | 06.01.2013
Are you prepared, as every year the list of New Year's resolutions? You know that the days that await you in 2013 year, can provide not only the good stuff – at a new life, new opportunities, ambitious challenges? What are you waiting, Use the timeline diagram, and the law of attraction, to create a list, ... Read more
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