How to get your inner balance and peace of mind?

Probably not once wondered how to escape while on a little from the everyday problems and get a mental balance, experience a true mute. So wonder over those few days at the monastery? This is the perfect escape from everyday life, tormenting us problems, the ability to mute and mental relaxation.
Today no longer have to decide to be a friar., to dwell in the monastery, because the ability to …

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Life is like a restaurant – check your beliefs

“Our life is the, What made them our thoughts” -Marcus Aurelius
Once I read it somewhere and i liked it. Just how it works? Whether it's, alive means, that I'm in this restaurant, and as I am in it, can I place an order that only I can think of? Make sure I can only do get to?
After reading that …

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Why is it important to live in the style of WELLNESS?

To put it in a nutshell, WELLNESS is nothing but a certain lifestyle to achieve harmony of the body, the spirit and the mind.
What's going on?
Probably each of us depends on the well-being, and well-being is determined State of mind within the meaning of psychological, emotional, an intellectual, friendly, the financial and physical. Each of us would like to see getting up out of bed in the morning to be full of energy, …

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Pitfalls Of Personal Development – Part 1

To this simple distortion often occurs at the beginning of the – When faced with the development of several. This is because in a moment turns out to be, that, in a simple way, we can change the issues important to us – relationships with loved ones, poor eating habits, the amount of your money, time management, health, etc.. When we see, that without much effort, we have changed something that przysparzało …

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Anger is not bad

Anger is not bad. Is human. And after some time passes.
Sarah Dessen

What do you associate when you think about the word anger? The Cries Of The? Rantings? Brawl? Consider aspects of this, what may lie beneath the interplay.
Ever wondered/pay sometime over what is ANGER, THE RAGE OR AGGRESSION? What are the different emotions? What are words with them and maybe also and gestures? What …

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Even in the Green grams…

The track "still in green grams" by Czubak is the last for me, a huge source of inspiration and such a healthy optimism. I'd like to also for you that was.
The man has a penchant for falling into the extremes but no extremes are not good for him, We therefore look for something that will constitute a kind of, a "level of moderation". And this song shows this type of optimism with …

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The law of attraction – why we think, that it does not work?

The law of attraction, is there anyone who has not heard about it? And who really believes in it?
Each of us is a magnet – scientifically proven. Oddziałujemy not only with the globe, but with every material and spirit being. We are energy, It is now scientifically proven. Everything that surrounds us is also more or less energy focused, reappearing or …

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Why in life you can't have everything?

Already since childhood every one of us has some dreams. Have the objectives of the, you are constantly thinking and which wishes to realize. When we go to kindergarten, think about how you will be at the school. Later we finish school, We want to pass the high school diploma, to get to College, have a well-paid job, finish the following courses, pursue your passions. In the end, raise a family, have children, grandchildren. We want happiness. …

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The secret to riches – start to attract the best! [video]

Start each day with this powerful visualization tool. "The secret of wealth" was specifically designed to fit in all the power of the universe, that will change your life even more abundant than it used to be. Get attracted to each other is the best!
Watch this video every day (preferably in the morning immediately after waking up and at night before going to sleep – then it is the best access …

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"The wisdom of certain limited to limit the wiser"-Wladyslaw   Grzeszczyk
So, Since today is just from today – fuck the limits – and not from tomorrow and Monday (to mentally this can prepare). So simply and forever. Who me this prohibits? In the nose I have any prohibitions, orders and rules, that come to me "from the top". To Be Honest… I have a …

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