How much you have to lose something to appreciate? [video]

We present you a video, that shows a picture of the family, who is struggling with a very common problem. See how easy it is to forget about love, how easy it is to forget about what we had before. Consider how much you need to lose, to appreciate what you have now?
Welcome to watch 3 minute film, that will change your perspective of thinking:
We salute you and we wish you to be more appreciated what you …

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The transformation of the man in your life – Nick Vujicic [video]

We publish today a video, that will change Your perception of reality… That will show you the transformation of man and his thinking… This is a short film about the life of a man with no arms and no legs. In the main role there is Nick Vujicic. This will surely your best 20 minutes in the life of what you spend while watching a movie
“The heavier fighting this great victory…”
Welcome to watch:
sincerely and …

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CHANGE YOUR REALITY – Jack Canfield [video]

Jack Canfield tells us how to change your reality on the, which ever since we… Get a prescription for success and start work – start to satisfy your dreams!
It's who you are, This is what you have around you, This is what people like otaczasz – depends entirely on you and your state of mind.
Let us be aware of the impact we can have on our surroundings – dobierzmy …

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How to wisely manage its own destiny and take care of your future?

Ever wonder how it would be once “have a life for yourself”?
Most of us seem to, It's impossible for the average person, living and working in the traditional way, i.e. working medium 8 – 10 h. a day in a corporation or even a few hours a day running your own business has been able to reap the joy of life and do what she wants. …

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Miscellaneous calculates self-criticism

It is said or about the lack of criticism against its own people, or excessive samokrytyce, the increasing use of destructive thoughts and common guilt. There could be some people, trying to break free from the excessive self-criticism, in order to increase self esteem, or attempting to somehow wake up and bring it with you.
In this article I'm going to look into the following case, and in fact the request, to which came during …

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Go ahead and commit errors

For twenty years, bar the most you'll regret this, it, Hi, it does not understand the biłeś, than those of it, What's more, biłeś. So from the bind li, ny, leave without the pie, "supplies to some crazy. Catch in the żag le the fault light, ry. Travel,dream, from the ice floes, waj.
Mark Twain

Probably very surprised You the title of the article. When you have read it may have appeared in your head thoughts like: "What?! I would/I make mistakes?!"My answer is: so, and why not? How did you know, that commit errors? Because it does not work …

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Shameful addiction – How to find freedom?

ADDICTION – This does not apply to…After all, I drink occasionally, I don't smoke cigarettes, and don't take drugs. Such is the thinking most of us. Whether such a statement simply, to cleanse from all kinds of thinking about addiction? The truth of the matter is, that most people reject from ourselves any thoughts about addiction, in spite of the, that are already addicted to or follow the road to addiction, just simply …

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Love like a drug – or check the type of your love

"The love we know little. Love is like a PEAR. PEAR is sweet and has the shape of a. Try to define the shape of a PEAR. "
Andrzej Sapkowski

What at all is love? The eternal desire of humanity – It is certainly. Only if for each is the same. If each of us looks at the world in a way that is subjective (indisputably though, most of us believe, that objective) It's …

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Conversations with myself, that is about it, What is the meaning of inner dialogue

Internal dialogue we have each day, often without realizing even with this matter. It begins at the time of the emergence of the first inner voice. Looking for valuable information about his essence, I realized, as it plays an important role in the daily functioning of the man. It turns out, in fact,, that the quality of our internal dialogue, largely determines, What we accept …

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What about positive thinking?

The cheese of suffering is both ce wia [...] The know him, that the fear of suffering is the screen straszniej the longer than you, are suffering. And that żad of ne of cheese not cier-piało nig-dy, When reached after the swo of them dreams…
Paulo Coelho

Today I wanted to tell you about my reflections surrounding gap on positive thinking, which promotes frequently and heavily on the Internet. The fact the fact, positive thinking helps a lot in life, However, if it happened You try to force recall such thoughts to …

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