Cycle of a series: “You want to change your reality? Change your thinking” Part 3/4

The only thing, with which we have always to do-is thought-this and can be changed.
Does not matter, What is your problem: our experience of the call are external internal effect thoughts.
Even the original wiść to each other is nienawidzeniu their thoughts about yourself.
Do You Think:  "I am a bad man".
This thought evokes a feeling of, that is strengthened in you. Others are starting to see it in you.
Not creating …

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Cycle of a series: “You want to change your reality? Change your thinking” Part 2/4

When we grow up, We tend to play the emotional climate of the House of our childhood.
It is neither good, or bad, correct or wrong; It is the climate, in which we feel "at home". We also tend to play in our personal relationships the same relations models, What brought us out of the mother or the father, or their relationship. Think about, How often do you find that ­ dzaliście, that …

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Cycle of a series: “You want to change your reality? Change your thinking!” Part 1/4

It, What we think about ourselves, becomes for us the truth.

I am of the belief, nana, that each, with me including, is completely responsible for everything in your life, so the best, and the worst.
Each of us got up and thought creates our future.
Each of us creates his own experience with his own thoughts and feelings.
Thoughts and uttered words create our fate.
They create a certain situations, and then negate our …

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If you believe in yourself? In your potential?

Gain confidence in yourself takes time and many experiences.
Faith in yourself you need to rebuild or build up gradually.
We are too much different naszpikowani the negative ideas about our helplessness, to change this as the magic wand.
Too long at our parents or teachers absolutely true.
If used, for example,. you have heard, your development is average, odnosiłeś that the word "average" for their entire …

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Do you know how to increase the effectiveness of learning and gain the two times more free time?

If you already realize how much time you lose sitting over books unsuccessfully trying to focus? Try not to think about all these exams, that zawaliłeś due to problems with concentration. These plucked nights and fatigue effectively hindering learning. Time inexorably goes on the front end. You know probably as it is, If at some point you realize that, that …

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Do you know the best key to wealth?

Why you are struggling with financial problems or lack the money to meet any wishes you?  because there who escaped to find your subconscious, that always live in prosperity. You know for sure the people, who work a few hours a week, and earn enormous sums of, and this without too much trouble. Do not judge, that you can get only in sweat. On the contrary: the easiest solution is the best. Do, …

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If you care about your state of relaxation, respectively?

Today with so high-temperature air, We suggest You think about the moment of relaxation…
Here's something for refreshment
We recommend you to enable the best quality + full screen + good headphones
For this we offer three peaceful and relaxing songs, that will bring in our life harmony, peace and inspiration for further action…
Enable the following songs in the following order… :

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Do you know what depends on Your true happiness? [video]

“We just were healthy, and the rest will come by itself” – It is one of the more popular wishes of new year's resolutions and not only. Often we also fulfill dreams, prosperity, money and everything good. As far as the fulfilment of these requirements in the next year will provide us with a sense of happiness?
The above question corresponds to Martin Seligman – the leading figure of the so-called. positive psychology, mainstream focusing not on psychotherapy and …

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Constant complaining and zamartwianie… do you think, that's something that you change?

He says often that, that the Poles are a nation, who loves to complain about. Professor. Bogdan Wojciszke even devoted quite a lot of time to research this issue and came to the conclusion, that we are dealing with the so-called. the culture of complaining. In a nutshell-gripes is a tool for the identification of, If someone is complaining, He and the other corresponds to the same, mean, It is "your". And so, as Americans …

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