Visualization. Materializing dreams. The law of attraction.

Visualization is the process, which taught all the great teachers and funky throughout history, and the great teachers living out.

In his book of 1912 year,  The Master Key System, Charles Haanel describes exercises to improve the visualization of. (What's more important, This book will help you become a master of your thoughts).
The Reason For, for the visualization is so powerful tool, is, When you are creating in your …

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The art of being overrun-Emotions under control.

Let's experiment.
Think about two memories
— one a pleasant,
— the second unpleasant.
Please take a moment to, to survive these situations — as usually you do, When something you remember.
Note, How do you call this experience — for it, whether you are going through it again (zasocjowany method) and you engage, or simply with the distance you are watching your experience (zdysocjowany method), seeing myself " …

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Failure is a blessing in disguise

Failure and suffering, Although there are always a challenge and are often quite painful, do not need to beat us. The old saying: "No matter whether you win or lose-it's important that you play" contains in itself a great truth.

If you're trying to get away from the failures, then we go back to our lives and not learn anything.
On the other hand, If we face failure-and it does not matter whether or not you …

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Join the LifeMentor team Consulting Group!

Internet service   LifeMentor. pl   cordially invites you to the cooperation of all, who in the framework of the zooming experience and reputation of the production  , the name and prestige of  , or just the non profit hobby would initially create our service. Welcome students, Alumni, research staff, bloggers, and any specialists in the various fields presented in the service: spirituality, law of attraction, Finance, business, investing, motivation, the mobilization, NLP, the power of music therapy, relaxation, interpersonal relationships, …

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Carefully review the nature of the, Surely you'll notice, that leaves no room for confusion. the cases and she   absolutely everything happens according to plan perfect, that the human mind, however, is not always able to embrace.
Your life is also not by chance, only an excellent implementation of the universal objectives.
Whatever happens in it, is for you,  for your personal development good, Although it is not always pleasant, …

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You know how to live to be fully happy man?

The man is happy at work, when flooding him in other areas of life – preach scientists.
People unhappy with your life, rarely are the satisfaction at work. Scientists have analyzed 223 a study carried out in the 1967-2008, viewing links between satisfaction with life and satisfaction with work. "We used tests, which take account of these two factors, to better understand the relationship between satisfaction with work and …

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Are you an optimist? Check out some of the benefits of positive thinking!

Why in my life is worth to be positive and full of enthusiasm a man and how it, What we think, affect it, What we have and what we surround. That is about the simple rules and surprising results, What we can achieve with it.
Did you ever and ever zastanawiałaś, as it is, that some people are so 'łatwo ' make decisions and go through life, will …

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If you achieve a complete balance between private life and professional?

The concept of Work-Life Balance is a real challenge for today's employees, where it's getting harder to separate   time spent in the company coming from the professional duties. When the excess work negatively affects family life, You may want to set a rigid boundaries between these two areas. As the Poles they deal with this problem? Interesting responses provide the results of the study "Philips Index 2010 -the quality of life of the poles ".

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We invite you all to actively vote in new poll :)

We invite all our readers to participate in our new survey, that this time checks Your interest in the subject articles. We want to you as the most fit, Therefore, please select up to 5 option from the 11 possible. The more people vote the better we are going to have a picture of your needs and requirements. This will result in the creation of new specifically customized articles under the appropriate …

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Cycle of a series: “You want to change your reality? Change your thinking” Part 4/4

All diseases have their origin in the niewybaczeniu.
Whenever we are sick, poszukajmy in our hearts, whom we forgive.

A course in miracles says: "All diseases have their origin in the niewybaczeniu" and: "Whenever we are sick, We need to look around and zejrzeć ro person, which you need to forgive ".
The theory of dorzuciłabym thought, that that person, the hardest thing is to forgive us, We must FORGIVE, FIRST and FOREMOST,.
Forgiveness means forgiveness, letting go of the past. …

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