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szczscieWhen parents and teachers punish us for not doing something, This makes the, that as children we feel stupid, embarrassed and worthy of unfortunate. If this happens often enough, he instinctively begin to hesitate before trying to do anything new. In a situation, When trials and misadventures become for us an unpleasant experience, the decision of the, It's better not to try, "it seems like" us wise.

Unfortunately, It's learned behavior can be transferred to adult life. When we are faced with new situation, the challenge is a new task, instinctively we refrain to advance a particular position. Subconsciously we become a child again, that is afraid to attempt to do this, What is to be done, as this can arouse the wrath of the great men. It is not surprising, therefore,, in this state of mind, we prefer to withdraw. "I Do Not, Thank you ". "Never again".
Paralyzed by fear not we achieve anything.
We think you: Instead, i'll go and make a cup of coffee or read the newspaper, or poobijam a bit, tidying the House desk; something, What does carries no risk of failure.

Such a situation requires resolute action. First of all, admit it to his fear of failure. Then try to come to terms with the fact, that all of us like it sometimes; each happens some failure, anyone can happen, that is going to get worse despite the efforts of intensive assessment. It's part of the game-in the way we teach. It is often the best way of learning, and no doubt any expert from any field of przydarzało it many times during his way to the top.

If the fear of failure is working for you paraliżująco and prevents You working, Remember, that the failure is not the greatest evil that can happen to you.
The worst is then, When do we make attempts to.


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    Well, in theory it sounds nice. But our Polish culture claims: do not lean out!
    In America is probably otherwise, from there come the wisdom of that type.
    And what can we do with it?….

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