Failure is a blessing in disguise

Failure and suffering, Although there are always a challenge and are often quite painful, do not need to beat us. The old saying: „No matter whether you win or lose-it's important that you play"contains a great truth.

If you're trying to get away from the failures, then we go back to our lives and not learn anything.

On the other hand, If we face failure – and no matter whether we will or we will be temporarily defeated-we can thanks to this experience, there's a lot to learn and grow.

Although, We would prefer to go through life not experiencing setbacks on its way, These misadventures form our personality. Quite often the way, how our failure of us will forge, might be good for us if only we learn to live above them, instead of overwhelmed their weight.

How is this possible, that failure can push us forward in life, rather than hold in place? There are six tried-the rules, which we can learn through dealing with failure. These are the:
1) Failure to change our perception of the world
2) Failure of the trigger is, What's best in us
3) Failure to make, that we become stronger
4) Failure to open before us new possibilities
5) Failure to force us to change
6) Failure to build self confidence

Let's look at each of these principles, and see, how they can help us overcome or building door in the walls of our lives.


Too much time and energy we consume on zamartwianie small things and we don't notice much blessings and opportunities, that lie beneath our feet.
One of the best rad, I can give people, sounds: "Do not go deep into the shallow things". Let's face, When everything is already said, most of the things, that have plagued us in the life of the, It's a very small thing!

I would like to tell you a story, that will explain you, What I mean by, that failure to change our perception of the world.

The story concerns Dr. Paula in. Branda, world renowned expert in the field of leprosy, who was the head of the branch of rehabilitation for people suffering from leprosy in Carville, Louisiana.
Dr. Brand one evening experienced something, What changed his whole perception of life – literally from day to day!
Dr. Brand returned with a comprehensive, a transatlantic flight and take off shoes, to get ready to go to bed.
Suddenly he noticed, that one of his heels is numbed. It scared him very. Known fact, that part of the body numbness is a symptom of leprosy.

Dr. Brand was famous thanks to its outstanding people operations lepers in India. He learned and his staff, that leprosy is not contagious at the time, When it reaches a certain stage. Privately, however, constantly asking yourself the question, is it possible to, that infect even if the disease has reached a stage of niezaraźliwe.

Almost automatically got up out of bed and took a sharp pin. Ukłuł her zdrętwiałą heel and nothing felt. Thrust of the needle deeper, until the, in which it flew, blood, but I still felt nothing.

All night he thought about, What happens if you really is ill with leprosy. He Knew, that such a diagnosis will undermine the confidence of staff and people will start to be afraid of patients with leprosy. AND. Of course, will have to isolate yourself from your family, so they do not have any contact with this disease.

In the morning he got up out of bed, in order to confirm the results of the previous night. Ukłuł your heel to be born ... a small pin sharp and shouted! How salutary was feeling the pain! It was a sign of, that he is alive and that he is not ill with leprosy. Since that day, ever Brand turns down cubes, to skaleczy, or experience any pain, wykrzykuje:"Thank you God for the pain!”

The pain usually is not something, for which we are grateful.
Dr. Brand experienced pain not as bad zwiastującego problems, but as something good, What is a sign of health. In addition, he started to look differently on your wellbeing and health.

If we will experience failure, We can learn to look at things from a different perspective. If we meet with bigger life problems, then these small worries, like getting stuck in an elevator or traffic jams, There seem to be so important.


Saying "Continuous Sun creates the desert"it reminds us of the failures.
When there is no failure, We are fully satisfied with this, who we are, and do not try to improve the. As a result, we are emotionally and creatively in the  the desert.

Florida is the old saying, that says, that the ponds inhabited by alligators have the healthiest fish. Why?
Because fish have to live in constant alert, because otherwise, the alligators eat them for breakfast.
In our lives is much, failure is emotional alligators, that make, that people are strong, underway at the ready – and live!

New Zealand is a haven for many species of birds, because there is no natural predators and food galore. However, there is a bad side to this bird of paradise. Birds do not have to flee from predators, and the food are right under our noses, so many of them lose the ability to fly!
The fact of the matter is, that New Zealand is home to the largest number of flightless birds, birds-kiwi and penguins is the best example – than any other country in the world. For irony, scientists believe, that these birds were once wings, but have lost them as a result of the non-.

The need for the mother of invention
More evidence that speak of failure we can see by observing the way, how MOM pteridium aquilinum encourages her children to self-reliance. We can notice, It builds its nest on the top Crown of the tree or at the top of the mountain.

At the beginning of its Foundation builds nests, consisting of sharp objects, such as spines or wyszczerbione stones. Then builds a warm and cozy nest, giving them soft materials, such as wool, feathers and fur animals, that killed.

When orlątka they grow up and there comes a time when you should become independent and independently look for food, pteridium aquilinum MOM disrupts the nest your sharp claws. As a result,, sharp objects have more than a comfortable layer and kłują young eagles.
Eventually become so orlątka wynędzniałe, that leave the nest in search of a more comfortable home. Pteridium aquilinum MOM is not cruel for them.
Doing it, What's best for them and teaches them self-reliance. Without such unpleasantness never left household socket and experienced its full, the majestic potential.

The same applies To people. 
Without the setbacks we would feel never compelled to achieve our full potential, living in a comfortable, greenhouse conditions.

Researchers have noted, some of the largest technical inventions originated in the colder climates of the world, because the inhabitants were forced to struggle with the elements and the nature of the.

It is true, that necessity is the mother of invention and shape the nature of the failure.
This truth refers also to life and faith.
It often happens. that we are unhappy with this, How to roll up our case.
Then we try to look for new avenues of progress and we become these, which we wanted to be.
Depending on, jaką drogę obierzemy podczas spotkania z niepowodzeniami, możemy się cofnąć lub iść dalej naprzód.

Charles C. Lever – Jeżeli nie możesz pokonać muru, zbuduj drzwi

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