Mentoring – What is this?

Mentoring This is the learning process of a partner relationship between master and disciple, discovering and developing potential of student-oriented.
Is based on the inspiration, stimulating and leadership. Is mainly on the, to the student, Thanks to the appropriately master, got to know each other, developing in this way self-conscious and not chosen by shall fear day to go personal fulfilment. It also includes advice, evaluation and assistance in the programming of student success.

About mentoring wrote also the article, that can be read here.

Life mentoring is a guarantee that, that when working in the   four eyes together we will find the way to achieve each of your order to.  Is you choose what to focus on individual working methods are all specially selected for your needs. We will select for you the most appropriate mentor, that will help you make a deep and lasting changes  .

It just so happens, that we create our team in a diverse group of. Each of us has a   different knowledge, other experience and other profession. In our team we focus investors,  business, Faculty of various universities, enterprising students, mentors from many fields  , psychologists, as well as specialists from the law of attraction, motivation, relaxation,  rapid learning and interpersonal relationship-we are at your service-trust us.

When we take a mentorship following:

Achievement of objectives-  Of finding life vocation, by putting purpose and   creating a detailed plan, until after the joint discovery of intrinsic motivation to action and   take the first step.

Relationships and   compounds- So you always create from scratch a persistent and   healthy relationships. You will learn how best to build a relationship starting from the foundations, You will learn ways to deal with conflict  , Learn advanced techniques for effective communication. You will learn also how to attract into your life your dream partner.

Changing habits-  whether it comes to   difficulty getting up in the morning, eating chocolate, putting away things for later or negative and   obsessions. Change Your habit and   in his place I put another new, more beneficial habit. To help remove the mental Lockdown, that limit Your life activity. You have the right to live on 100% – you want a second chance?

Confidence-Tired of You     shyness and low self-esteem? Together, we'll verify your beliefs, We will change the approach to other people and   popracujemy over Your emotions. You will feel confident in any situation. You will gain freedom, the independence of the, assertiveness.

Working with stress-  We both Your mind and body  , to stress hormones never introduced tension to your life. From now   will reign in your head a deep calm, and   in the flesh always pleasant relaxation.

Various problems-  Or all issues, that are not included in the   the above description. If you have a problem and   you want to be resolved, write to us and   as soon as possible as it will take.

You to have confidence, that you will find the best option for yourself-there are two types of life mentoring. The first is the  mentoring individual,  that is meeting in   four eyes with our mentor. The mentoring takes place in Krakow and Warsaw.

The second type is  mentoring online,  with which we work together without leaving home  . In   depending on how You prefer to, Select a phone call (Skype) or consultation by email.

How is life mentoring from the practical side? At the start you will be asked to describe your problem   short, then we will arrange for a specific date for the meeting or call. Then we ask you a few questions, that will clearly define the objectives of cooperation and the selection of the appropriate mentor   also will help us.

We will determine the form of mentoring-in   depending on, you want to solve it can be a one-time conversation or meeting, or cooperation spread over long periods of time. When we do that, you contribute a fixed fee for the mentoring and previously part of the   We will start cooperation.

Warranty the effect -  If you find, that mentoring does not meet your expectations, in   any time you can ask for your money back  . This warranty is sure, that our cooperation is focused only on the specific, namacanych effects.

On request we will issue a VAT invoice 23%.

And now choose for yourself the most comfortable form of mentoring:


Kraków or Warszawa:

1 session (1(h)) – 350 PLN

package of 3 h- 980 PLN

> 3h-rates individual


Telephone (Skype):

1 session (1(h)) – 170 PLN

package of 3 h- 470 PLN

> 3h-rates individual


Consultation by e-mail:

1 mail- 80 PLN

package 5   email- 350 PLN

package 10 email- 650 PLN

Using the form below to subscribe to the chosen type of mentoring and   write what you want to take care of the issue. The answer you get in   over the  24 hours.

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