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Internet service  cordially invites you to the cooperation of all, who in the zoom experience and  kneading wearing the reputation, the names and prestige, or just the non profit hobby would initially create our service. Welcome students, Alumni, research staff, bloggers, and any specialists in the various fields presented in the service: spirituality, law of attraction, Finance, business, investing, motivation, the mobilization, NLP, the power of music therapy, relaxation, interpersonal relationships, life style and habits, success, the realization of dreams / the purpose of, fast and effective learning, social behavior, physical health / mental health etc.

We work in a great, a friendly and ambitious among the, in the excellent atmosphere.


First of all because, that service is rapidly developing a, more and more visible in the arena industry. We crossed the number of more than 8 thousands of real users of the service, and  the number of monthly page views to almost 120 thousands of. This gives you the guarantee of, the texts presented on the site reach to thousands of people, We so real existence in the consciousness of many readers. Growing popularity of our increasingly more frequent presence in the confirmed many prestigious professional journals published throughout the country. At the beginning of the activities of the service the first initial success was for us the existence on the main page the site Digg. from the date of 22.05.2011 to 24.05.2011 by what our visitation statistics increased sharply (at that time it was more than 90 people what 1 second What caused the suspension of the server and its move on a multy-much stronger version). In January 2013 r. LifeMentor Consulting Group was the patron saint of media in action on crowdfundingu PolakPotrafi. pl [the action entitled. "Find healthy food in your area!" ] what contributed to the collection of the amount 11 489,89 buy with the minimum amount of 10 thousand. buy needed to fund the project.  In March 2013 r. LifeMentor took his patronage also X National Entrepreneurship Festival BOSSorganized by the Student Forum Business Centre Club. However, in November 2013 year LifeMentor took your patronage training event with Bob Proctor, which took place 23 November 2013 r. contributing to an increase in public awareness of the Polish.
More and more development of the site perfectly shows the following graph generated by the built-in site statistics:

LM STATS 2013To this our service is getting more and more popular on the international scene. Each text / the article is translated automatically into Englishwhich further increases the readability and the reputation of the developer. From the beginning, the service we have received many comments and emails in different foreign languages which shows our international popularity. On the following map you can see which countries are our readers:

LM MAPA 2013

In addition to effectively cooperating we offer  reference letters  extremely useful for CV.

Who we are looking for?

Due to the rapid development of the service  We need, above all, the editors of the service responsible for providing articles. For this position the most suitable will be who know  the theme of the site, person  oriented in the world of personal development - best  the obsessed, person  write a nice Polish, psychologists, specialists and experts. A person distinguished by above-average knowledge / experience / achievements will be proposed as well as cooperation mentor.

Compared to the benefits that flow from receiving the title of editor of the requirements and obligations are really small.

The responsibility of the future editor will add at least 1-2     texts per week – because of reporting please  the person with the “a light pen”, which does not make the difficulties editing texts.
At the start of every new editor will pass training, that will dispel any doubts about how the publication of.  Number of places is limited – We have a few vacancies for people with a passion.

What I have((a))?

The editor is in.:

  • the ability to publish on the prestigious site, and hence
    their own promotion and admiration among friends,
  • membership in the LifeMentor Consulting Group,
  • invitations for future team meetings LifeMentor Consulting Group,
  • invitations to press conferences and events on the theme of the site,
  • Special training course conducted by the major experts,
  • the possibility of promotion / the promotion of certain behaviors, the styles and habits,
  • reference lists very useful in CV,
  • in the future the benefits tangible effectiveness of work,
  • mailbox,
  • the account editor in the computer system LifeMentor.,
  • other.

In our editorial will be appreciated Your creativity and commitment.

How to report?

Just send a message to an e-mail:
In the title, please write “Editor”. In content and should be:
1. Name and last name
2. The Age Of The
3. Summary of experience
4. A few sentences: “why you should be accepted((a))”
5. Sample text, minimum 500-1000 characters (e.g.. Article)

You are welcome

A Team Of LifeMentor Consulting Group

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