Each day or better from each other of yesterday…

samodoskonalenieTabula rasa, from the Latin:. means "any existing Whiteboard". This concept in philosophy and the psyche of opines, that all knowledge comes from experience. Today it was erroneously credited with the first use of this phrase John Locke. Philosopher claimed, that the mind is sort of an empty tank, illuminated only by the light, which falls outside the.

We are born so according to this concept, without any knowledge on the functioning of the world. So someone must teach us the earthly Vale. The first teachers are parents. It is from these people are first learning, Tips, Tips for this, How to live and how to survive. The process of acquiring knowledge expands with upon leaving the child for long periods of time have family home. It is all about school and peers. You have to learn all the time, and teachers more and more.

However, the action needed is motivation. Where does it take? In today's world, the best possible way, What has invented a sport culture. As today many fantastic media values can gather around him people fascinated by the different types of motor activity. Reasons for sports is indeed a whole lot of. One of the most important is the human health. Body to work correctly, It needs the right kind of regular motor stimulation.

Sport is also a tool for creating masters, passionate, real leaders. Recreation in itself is one. Results achieved the latter. Be better than it was before. To reach unreachable titles for others and be the one, or stick to the ranks of the winning team.

After all, what is the sport, through which love, above all to win? These emotions, that accompanies, as well as the fans, United States under a common flag, with one goal. Win and win, turn out to be something, what people subconsciously seek almost always. For excellence, that is the development of accompanied us since forever.

Like most young guys, When I was a teenager leather digging material, called the ball on a neighborhood field. And we learned to make relationships in the male group. And when you study, during one afternoon I remembered your "old days" watching other kids on a grassy meadow, that as much as I used to be, kicking skórzankę, to get the goals. And so it was in energy, each of them wanted to shoot and show, that was better than a friend.

When I look after years of your cups and diplomas, I conclude, It's not about that, to be better than other. Sports cheating us indirectly saying, that overcame other. In fact, since we can always be better but from each other. After years of operation as a player, later, as a coach, still giving it players, I work with.

We constantly seek to, to be better from each other, What we remember the day before. I do not want to do anything? It's a sign, that you need to make a difference and take back. The so-called laziness is sometimes all you need, but not long hold on. And the best spend this time productively, by doing this, What brings you joy and something, What gives us new skills, that we can use in a positive way.

I cordially greet,

Sławomir Lack


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