Did you know, what prevents you from realization of dreams?

Did you know, what prevents you from realization of dreams?

Each of us has a free choice, start to shape their lives according to the existing rights or allow the fate, to reign over us, and thus missed the chance.
Many people fully aware of all this matter, but they delay addressing its development on later, When they will have more time. However, there is nothing more important than your life prosperity, You must not put off her on later!

Can you improve the situation of a professional or you have some other problem requiring immediate solution. Or maybe you just want to, that your life has become fuller, so far, however, you did not know, How to go about.
I want you to was master of his fate. For this to happen, you don't have to with the family, the profession, current place of residence and follow a Hindu guru, which will introduce you to the secrets of existence. If they had to look your way, przyszedłbyś in India.
The creator of your own life, you can be everywhere, because everywhere and you can always learn how to control your anger, fear, envy, próżnością and hatred, so of your life.
Be the master of his fate, it do it, What is right and important to us, and live this knowledge every day.

You yourself are the biggest task for itself and it is your responsibility to make all the forces, to execute them as best as possible.

The training of the mind is a universal method of problem solving and achievement of goals and desires. Only when you start it on a regular basis to grow-you run the force, that would direct your life on new tracks. The key to an active shaping of fate you so in their hands.

Errors, from which you need to break free

If you want to, to run your life mapped out the energies of positive -
- you have to unconditionally part ways with old habits.
Here's my advice:

1. Cross out of his vocabulary at all negation

Easily by train of positive thinking is replacing any negative words, what you just slip away during the day, positive. Language, you are using, is an expression of feelings, reflects your love life. You can influence the words to your feelings, because the new way of speaking will result in a new way of thinking, and the same positive changes accompanying thinking feeling.
2. Avoid words: "If..."

Many people spends time on complaints and anything to, What if the.  It's a waste of energy! The past cannot be changed! Do not zadręczaj the Affairs of past, the thought of the present and future. Samooskarżenia are a poison for the soul and brake on the way to the end, replace the "gdybanie" for example, such sentences: "now I start to ..." or "next time." Think positive to transform the situation in the best possible, make the optimum from what is!

3. Stop to justify

Each of us has alerted various excuses, that this is trying to get needed to absolve those other, you did not, and  especially before you laziness to explain. Below I've included examples of the most commonly used excuses for samookłamywania to.

I am so busy, that I do not have time to trouble his head problem of existence.

The Answer: Why do you want to spend the rest of his life on martwieniu and complaints, If you only need to change the thinking, to step on the path of spiritual development and material prosperity? If you are so unhappy with her life, I've a book to this place, It's already done the first step toward change. I'm not going to persuade you to give up career, on the contrary, grow it, try a little less, however, treat your classes with seriousness[...].

I'm too old, to change the

The Answer: Yes, at a certain age it is more difficult to break with old habits, but it still does not mean, that is quite impossible. If despite advanced age you find a sufficiently young, to start again, you have completed this, what you desire. I know the osiemdziesięcioletniego master of karate and as ripe old paratrooper. The chances and opportunities there are always, as long as you live. However, if you put on from the top, that too late for success, does not receive its taste. But if you begin to work with the energy and faith, This is regardless of, How old are you, you meet the. The one you only please: take your time and do not set any deadlines!

Family and friends advise me, I departed from my plans

The Answer: one of the most important objectives of the training of the mind and the point of reference in thinking positive is to become independent of the various influences. Maybe your loved ones pokpiwają with efforts undertaken by you. Let you not odwiedzie from these plans! If you thought and felt welcomed and sought to to practicing mind training, you reach it, what you're going.

The consistent pursuit of purpose should not naturally mean, that fear of the, What will tell people, suddenly you start to avoid them and live a life of reclusive. Remember, however,, that independence from the people's opinion remains one of the conditions of success.

I can not believe in the success of my plans

The Answer: It is not about, you blindly believed in success, It is important to, you do everything necessary to achieve the purpose of both the spiritual level, and the real. Because your faith is of great importance, try first to believe "from the top" and "the store". Quickly get rid of doubt, When you reach the success!

I am not able to mobilize

The Answer: of course it is difficult to completely change the habit and start again to shape life. However, if you do not make any attempt to, No one for you will not do. No one will draw you out of the torpor and szarzyzny everyday life. You have to take charge of your life, you are the most suitable person!

When you want to change something, start small, even the smallest steps. Success in minor matters will encourage you and   is satisfied as to the rightness of the way. No one will free you from the task of developing its own personality, even the most friendly person you. Always, at any time you can, however, start again, and your chance to give life another shape is greater today than tomorrow.

After a day I'm so tired, that's nothing I want

The Answer: training the mind will help you deal with stress and teach better management of time. Even when you work all day, You should get several minutes only for myself. Of course of crucial importance will be the motivation, that is it, how much you want to achieve your goal.

If your purpose is for you something extremely important, You will watch it first, in the spirit of, and then watch the, as it takes shape in the reality. With each session you will see it more clearly meditation, until it finally becomes a reality. You Will See The, how quickly you get used and how you like your mental meeting satisfactorily met the coveted situation; You will not even notice, When you forget about tiredness!

Your language is your positive thoughts

The spoken word has more power than the silent mind. Therefore, I urge you, you define the target sentence speak loud.  Notice the highlighting and emphasis on the positive elements are talking. In this way you give the speech the word positive thoughts and top up the extra strength and energy it. Avoid negative words, such as anger, poverty, the disease, nonsense, etc. Words expressing a lack of release energies which harm vitality and perpetuate an unwanted State.

You already know, as important for success is replacing negative thoughts with positive and correcting erroneous behavior after it is in imagination, to avoid them in the future. Similarly, each word for the situation of lack of, inadvertently terminated, You should then replace the word with confidence in the success of sooner.

Surround yourself with people minded positively

Tell me, who you stop, and I'll tell you, Who are you!
People, with which you stop every day, have a great impact on you and your behavior. Observe, how you act in the company of like minded people positively, and as in the company of people thinking negatively and what changes did you notice then at home.

Who suffers from depression, should not be in the company of people of a similar state of mind, as follows the accumulation and, What follows, boosting the action of negative energy. The best for man, who feels miserable, It would be staying among people thinking positively, Merry, afirmujących life and enjoying every moment, working on developing and dynamically shaping your own fate. Person bojaźliwa should avoid contact with like-minded, people not to remove the passive state of her cause and to begin to change around you.

Do therefore review their knowledge in mind and consider the, that have a good influence on you, and you internally block. That person affect you well, and that make, that you feel literally empty in the middle of the? Get up the courage and finish these destructive knowledge, try to stay in the environment, in which you can optimally expand its own.

The nature of man is manifested also in social relations, that is, the skills draw friends and friends, After all, on our personality interacting. Therefore, as far as possible the number of people, who can you "catch" your optimism and afirmującym attitude to life!


Join our community and build with us group success, that will be smaller or bigger successes saw every day on their way. Get full satisfaction from your life!


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  • http://LifeMentor.pl Expert

    Very good article… now I already know, What I need to focus on most in your life… Thanks for the help!

  • Zenon

    @ Expert:

  • http://www.lockpipesz.org momochii

    If you are open to having a guest blog poster please reply and let me know. I will provide you with unique content for your blog, thanks.

  • http://www.bing.com/ Lorrie

    Surprisingly well-written and informative for a free oninle article.

  • Natalia

    And I believe it stopped… verbatim hard something I wanted, I've been thinking about this tirelessly, positively, This is for me terribly important… Today I just everything lies in ruins, I can not pick up, and certainly do not have the strength to think about and imagine that this desire… I'm broken, What do I do?

  • Anna

    well You understand I was just- and this may not be true your dream- might not this pragnęłaś- If you wanted really what a wyobrażałaś? the man is constantly changing- We think one, and we want the second- It's all very hard well You understand- the wonder whether positive thinking is not exerting any pressure on yourself does not? I am optimistic by nature, but somehow I'm alive and I feel pretty good :) :)

  • Anna

    and what do you do when you have toxic parents, siblings or further family and not break off contact with them completely- Once, they are family- two, that is a subsidiary of, because I like. I have no work and then what? It's very difficult because they have just- parents have the greatest influence on us- so it seems to me- even as we adults do not? and these toxic ties human wikłają unfortunately :/ :/

  • Mat

    I think, that if you have a toxic environment, you have to feed them such or similar articles that were more aware of what we ourselves make up his behavior and thinking. The more you read the more articles they will know about its toxicity relative to other…
    I greet and wish you good luck :)

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