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Paul McKenna – Change your life [programming the subconscious]
Maciej Urmański | 08.06.2014
Paul McKenna is a famous therapist, NLP trainer, the author of the bestselling guides. Applying therapeutic hypnosis, changed the lives of many people, helped them quit smoking, lose weight and gain confidence. McKenna is the ability to heal long-running phobia and deep zakorz ... Read more
Criminal thoughts
Joanna Bass Musician-Gatlik | 18.05.2014
About dealing with problems it is written very much. Shelves in bookstores are groaning with a subsequent position, dealing with this, How to fight stress and how to effectively manage difficult situations. The Internet also keeps the momentum of current trends (or maybe even the same it shall designate?). Some jes ... Read more
Never give up! [video]
Alexander Kędzierska | 04.05.2014
On the basis of the film fragment “Face Your Giants” (name “Divine Intervention”) You can deduce the important thing. Well, the only limitation we are ourselves, our minds, our inner critic, she plans and dreams. It is ourselves we are for ourselves the greatest obstacles! ... Read more
THERE WAS A, THERE WILL BE-IS! [Live in the here and now]
Joanna Wachowiak | 06.04.2014
No matter what you've done, or what you do. The bottom line is, What are you doing NOW. And no matter where you are, But if you're there all over each other. Because it is the core of our lives-be 100% Here and now. Without the ongoing processing of the past and look into the future. Without analyzing what I was planning and ... Read more
Meet your professional identity and test your predispositions [MBTI]
Matthew Bereziewicz | 16.02.2014
In this day and age, a lot of people don't like or even hated his work, because they chose her not because of what they have predispositions and talents, and therefore, what was for them an easier and faster solution. Every week we hear from our friends and family how much ... Read more
Conversations with myself, that is about it, What is the meaning of inner dialogue
Ewelina Stachowiak | 08.09.2013
Internal dialogue we have each day, often without realizing even with this matter. It begins at the time of the emergence of the first inner voice. Looking for valuable information about his essence, I realized, as it plays an important role in the daily functioning of the man. It Turns Out ... Read more
Professional brainstorming with delayed strict
Bartłomiej Piotrowski | 19.05.2013
Brainstorming is needed both sales team as well as an interactive agency or any group of people standing in front of a challenge or problem. Often forgets about the purpose of what we envision the brainstorming, that is collected in the shortest possible time as many ideas. Rozpoczyn ... Read more
Join the LifeMentor team Consulting Group!
Expert | 28.07.2011
Internet service   LifeMentor. pl   cordially invites you to the cooperation of all, who in the framework of the zooming experience and reputation of the production  , the name and prestige of  , or just the non profit hobby would initially create our service. Welcome students, Alumni, employees ... Read more
We invite you all to actively vote in new poll :)
Expert | 23.06.2011
We invite all our readers to participate in our new survey, that this time checks Your interest in the subject articles. We want to you as the most fit, Therefore, please select up to 5 option from the 11 possible. The more people vote the better ... Read more
Subscribe to our newsletter – We ship directly from the files soon USA
Expert | 07.06.2011
We invite you to take part in our new newsletter, which you will find on the right hand side of our site. Soon You roześlemy files for free, which are on the international market quite expensive. They also have a very large value of the material and intangible, Therefore, the more welcome ... Read more
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