About lighthouse, yearning to be łódeczką

łódkaNot so long ago on the shores of the blue, the sea stretches out has become a lonely lighthouse. The lighthouse as a beacon every night rozświetlała abyss of the sea giving sailors a hint how to safely reach port. And every night when the entire world zasypiał, and the migotało light of the Moon and flowing silhouettes loomed ships Lantern dreamed like it was wonderful to be a little łódeczką.

Her life on land seemed such a bland, It was light, and what's great? And this łódeczka has so many adventures, her work is so necessary, people admire and can see in life. Oh too bad, that must be the only Lantern. How much would she gave to sailing in Sina dal. It must be a wonderful life-thought. And that dream uttered with great effect in the full moon always come true soon shores port sailboat, that tired of decades of tułaczką wanted to relax.

The idea of replacing with a lantern very, to taste. Will be able to continue to be surrounded by waves, to listen singing seagulls, inhale the scent of the sea, and the lighthouse has released its very light and so essential, because we know how important for navigation are marine lights and how many times it saved her life during the late-night storms. What could be more beautiful end of life for a true sea Wolf?

Finally came the dream day, the lighthouse began their new life, a life full of passion, the adventures of, miraculous journey. Oh, how much she had ideas, How many things have to see, experience. She was extremely excited. Set off on an adventure in the early morning, together with the first rays of the Sun. How wonderful so sway among the waves, the water rises and pushes further and further. Peace and silence. The lighthouse throughout the day, disgusted to the perks of new life.

When the sun began to slowly hide behind the horizon, decided to return to port, but it turned out, that may never see the light, could it be unwittingly put so far. Now what to do, which way to go? Along with pogłębiającymi like in that twilight began to pluck more and stronger wind. Beaten on the sides wzbierającymi still the waves fell into panic. What will crash on the rocks, I don't even know where it is, There is no map, I do not know how to use the compass, does not have any experience in sailing. Oh if only saw light lighthouse, how she could be so reckless. Night fell, and she samiuteńka, helpless at sea more frightening development. Night at sea was long, hard and full of tension. Wind and waves seemed so dismal sounds, and the water so dark and terrible, that Lighthouse seemed as if it was some sinister creatures of black, deepest eyes.

When morning came the sea again seemed friendly, and the Sun's rays expunged night memories. The lighthouse, however, decided to, for your own safety and to avoid late-night troubles at sea must become familiar with the maps and learn how to use the compass. Science and travel as it claimed, that totally forgotten who is in fact, forgot, that really is a lantern, light, which illuminates the way sailors. Now łódeczką was and what an evening with great anticipation of light-light wypatrywała. We know how important it is for her safety. If not for the lighthouses have probably not once rozbiłaby about offshore.

And so the years went by. There were joys and sorrows, Sometimes the death of zaglądała in the eyes and then a gunman łódeczka how wonderful it would be to be a lighthouse. She has only life, the sea, wonderful smells and views, the admiration and joy which produces among the sailors. Is a safe and does not have to contend with storms and wind. And it's what light is beautiful. Oh what a pity, that she may not be a lantern and. ..

What kind of application from this stretch? ;) I'm curious your opinion.


I cordially greet,

Renata Buczek



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